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Accounting and financial regulations. In german and hungarian, too.

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Price of products/services for companies and

nonprofit organizations

Accepted by Hungarian Tax Office methodology for companies and non
governmental organizations
Fifteen-day filled out deadline + eight-day completion of documents)

1. Accounting Policy with ordinary/ general style or departmental style for
(150 EUR/pc+ VAT)
* building and constructive industry, manufacturer- and processor
* service offering companies, agricultural enterprises, forest ownerness
and waterwork companies,
* special groups: general practioners, pharmacies, travel agencies,
consultant enterprises,
* non governmental organizations with specific financial environment
and of public utility.

2. Accounting order with accounting/ invoice mirror
(50 EUR/pc+ VAT)
and commentary with ordinary/ general style or departmental style for
* companies and non governmental organizations

3. Organizational and functional/operational regulation
(50 EUR/pc+ VAT)
* For economical companies, and co-ops to the promotion of functional act.

4. Money laundering regulation
(50 EUR/pc+ VAT)
* For special supplyers: for accountants, for tax experts, real estate agency.

5. Regulation of rejection
(50 EUR/pc+ VAT)
* determines the exploration and qualification of the redundant
properties, procedure of the utilization . Determine tasks during the
procedure of rejection, the question of responsibility.

6. Regulation of vouchers
(50 EUR/pc+ VAT)
* Contains prescribed ordinary content and model requirements on
the basis of Accounting law. Contents special requirements of
documents of strict reporting, the procedure way of filling in for
faulty warrants/ vouchers, special procedure for the mechanical
data medium/ for the data processing.

7. Regulation of filing cabinet /regulation of documents
(50 EUR/pc+ VAT)
* Contents requirements of assortment of documents on the score of
internal information. It deals with specific procedure/way what is
concerned for the storage of accounting, financial, and human
documents. It writes down the rejectionable and non the rejectionable
documents and its treatments.

8. Checking regulation (new)
(70 EUR/pc+ VAT)
* In generality deals with the checking systems, the responsibility of
management what comes in useful int he small enterprises. It deals
with independable external checking systems, among others the audit
institution systems.

9. Calculation regulation
(100 EUR/pc+ VAT)

10. Supplementary enclosure to double-entry bookkeeping
(50 EUR/pc+ VAT)


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