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Accounting and financial regulations. In german and hungarian, too.

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Kontir Digital Centre of Methodology

Business Regulations

Valid: from 1st July, 2018

Kontir Digital Centre of Methodology adapts regulations in the field of finance and accounting.
Regulations are made following the method accepted
by the National Tax and Customs Administration of Hungary.
Accounting and economical environment and financial regulations are adapted
for companies and other nonprofit organizations.

Regulations contain up-to-date information
adjusting to the changing legal and economical environment.
We apply questionnaire forms to collect the necessary information for the adaptation.

Fifteen-year-old experience gives guarantee for you to
the group of our satisfied the group of our satisfied.

Our services are are well-known throughout the country.

Regulations are certified by Kontír 2000 Regulations trademark and
ISO 9001 Quality Assurance System. Our work is helped by
renowned tax and financial experts, consultants and auditors.

Online questionnaire forms are available to download on our website.
Registration is required to join our electronic database system.
Registration fee is to be paid per year.
Your codes and adapted regulations will be sent to your
e-mail address, therefore we kindly recommend you to use a valid e-mail address on this site.

Please transfer the registration fee in advance to the
following bank account:

10918001-00000022-87940000 Kontír Digital Módszertani Központ Kft. Budapest


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